July 5, 2020
The Power Of Choice: FREEDOM

The daily reflections are a new direction. David goes to the  AA Burger Drive Thru? The topic is “The Power of Choice” and we discuss the choices we make during this year, 2020

June 7, 2020:
Special Report: Hope!

-Life takes a turn and life has its bitter moments. David introduces Harry the Cabby. Val & Frankie do dribble. Mary hosts the show with a topic of hope. Introducing “Harry The Cabby” .

May 10:
“GOD Could Do For Me What I Couldn’t Do For Myself”

Our guest speaker Merre, gives her experience, strength and hope. A great testimony and powerful message about living life in recovery a day at a time. Merre is passionate about recovery. We have a few announcements about our new website and how you can reach us. THEN, the last portion of the episode we visit with Val and Frankie “The Vegan Couple”.  What can I say, they are a trip!